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Ceramic Coating Myths, Conspiracy Theories and Myths

Ceramic Coating Myths

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Ceramic coatings have enjoyed a lot of popularity in the auto sector due to their promises that they will provide protection for the long term and more glossy finishes for cars. But, along with their growing popularity have come a myriad of misconceptions and myths that car owners should be aware of to be able to make well-informed choices when it comes to protecting and maintaining their cars. In this article, we will dispel the most common myths regarding ceramic coatings.

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We will dispel common misconceptions about ceramic coatings while providing a clear image of what these coatings can do in this piece!


Myth 1: Ceramic Coatings Are Hard to Install

Ceramic coatings are often given their reputation as being difficult to apply, and must only be performed by skilled professionals however, a lot of DIY ceramic coating kits are easy to apply, here are the best ceramic coating kits in 2024. Even though the procedure itself might appear simple, the success of coating applications require meticulous preparation before coating application.

Preparation Is Key

A proper car prep involves cleaning the car thoroughly and decontaminating the surface using clay bars, as well as performing a paint correction procedure to get rid of scratch marks and swirls prior to making the coating. These steps ensure an effective bond between the the coating of ceramic and paint. Otherwise, even the best coatings could be producing sub-par outcomes.


Myth 2: Ceramic Coatings Are Diamond Hard

A common belief regarding ceramic coatings is the claim of the diamond’s hardness. This is often made up of terms such as “9H hardness.”¬†However, in reality this is actually a reference to pencil hardness, not Mohs mineral toughness scale. having the designation “9H rated” only indicates that your coating is resistant to scratch marks that are caused by 9H pencils, but it is not fully protecting against future scratches to your vehicle’s paintwork.

Pencil Hardness Scale

The scale of hardness for pencils measures the how resistant a coating is to scratches created by different hardness pencils. The 9H rating indicates good scratch resistance, they do not mean that the material is diamond-hard such as diamond. The truth is that ceramic coatings offer enough protection against tiny scratches and swirl marks however, they cannot prevent every marks on your vehicle from damaging its finish entirely.


Myth 3 Ceramic coatings are able to help prevent rock Chips or scratches, as well as swirl marks

Ceramic coatings are commonly advertised as a remedy for scratches, rocks and swirl marks. However, they offer some type of protection when compared with paint or clear coat layers. Ceramic coatings generally range from one to two microns in thickness for a given surface area, which does not ensure complete protection!

Ceramic coatings are not completely safe in light of their surfaces and the capacity to serve as a sacrifice layer however, they are not able to prevent severe scratch marks like those caused by rock chips or the damage caused by rock chips. Paint Protection Film (PPF) might provide greater coverage since the thicker layers have self-healing mechanisms, as well as healers that can work swiftly against hazards.


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Myth 4: Ceramic Coatings Can Self-Clean Your Car

A lot of people believe that ceramic coatings on their vehicles make them self-cleaning, even though dirt and water have a lesser of a chance of sticking to these surfaces than normal surface. However, regular cleaning is still necessary.

Ceramic coatings can make cleaning your vehicle easier by assisting grime and dirt wash away much more quickly. However periodic maintenance should be performed to remove substances that bond to the coating with time, reducing its effectiveness. Inadequate maintenance can lead to the accumulation of dirt and other pollutants which could compromise the quality of the coating, something that could invalidate the warranties that come with such coatings.

Read this article to know the comprehensive benefits of ceramic coatings.


Myth 5: The Regular use of boosters to keep Coatings looking their best

The common misconception is that ceramic coatings need regular use of boosters for their effectiveness but this is not required.¬†While boosters can improve properties or give an improved appearance, consistent use isn’t required.

A High-Quality Ceramic Coating Should Keep its Hydrophobic Properties Without the Need of Boosters
Ceramic coatings of high quality should offer protection as well as maintain its hydrophobic characteristics and not require booster applications frequently However, using boosters could help to preserve its look and increase its life span; boosters provide another layer of protection, without altering the performance.


Myth 6. Ceramic Coatings Last Forever.

Ceramic coatings can last for 1-5 years based on the material’s quality along with the application’s quality and the maintenance methods Their life span is contingent on these aspects.

Realistic Lifespan Environmental variables like UV radiation and the way the vehicle is maintained, can influence the your ceramic coating’s longevity.¬†Although proper care and routine maintenance will prolong the life of your ceramic coating however, in the end new coatings may have to be applied It is therefore advisable to establish realistic expectations for the duration of its life and schedule regular upkeep and renewals.


Myth 7: Ceramic Coatings Are Self-Healing.

Ceramic coatings aren’t able to repair themselves on their own.¬†Although they are able to withstand minor bumps and scratches but they lack the capacity to heal by themselves.

Self-Healing Alternatives

Paint Protection Film (PPF) typically boasts self-healing capabilities by applying heat; however, ceramic coatings are not equipped with the ability to self-heal, and any scratch or damage will remain unaffected until it is addressed by a professional.


Myth 8: Ceramic Coatings Eliminate Waxing

Ceramic coatings are durable and provide protection and shine, reducing the amount and frequency of wax required in time. However there are some auto owners who apply wax on the ceramic coatings to enhance shine and provide another protective layer. check out the comprehensive Comparison Between Ceramic Coating vs Wax . 

Waxing and Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings provide superior protection but wax is able to improve their effectiveness in keeping cars shiny and providing additional protection against environmental pollutants like dust from the environment. The application of wax on an put on ceramic coating can help keep its shine while also increasing the protection against environmental contaminants.


Myth 9: Ceramic Coatings Are Only Useful on New Cars

Ceramic coatings are a great way to protect and enhancement to cars that are of all ages; for new vehicles against environmental damage or rejuvenating older vehicles by boosting gloss levels and forming a barrier.

Surface Prep Benefits for Older Vehicles is essential that older car surfaces are prepared thoroughly to guarantee the best bonding efficiency of coating applications This includes comprehensive clean-up and decontamination techniques in order to get rid of any contaminants that may be present or marks in their coatings.


Myth 10: Ceramic Coatings Are Expensive

Though the initial expenses associated with ceramic coatings are higher than conventional waxing techniques Their long-term benefits will make them cheaper over the long term.

Ceramic coatings with long-term cost effectiveness give extended protection, removing the necessity for waxing and detailing as frequently. It reduces the cost of maintenance in the long run while also protecting paint from damage that could need expensive repairs.


Myth No. 11: coatings are able to protect you from all chemical hazard

Some believe that ceramic coatings create an indestructible shield that could resist all chemical attacks but this isn’t correct.

Ceramic coatings can be used to withstand a variety of chemical contaminants, however they are not the only ones. Cleaners that are acidic or alkaline could cause the coating to break down as time passes, causing it to degradation to be more rapid; therefore, for its long-lasting durability, it is essential that suitable cleaning solutions are utilized in selecting the right cleaning products on ceramic surfaces.


Myth 12: Ceramic Coatings Make Cars Fireproof

Ceramic coatings can offer excellent thermal insulation however, they’re not intended to be a complete source of fire safety.

Ceramic coatings offer some degree of heat resistance for automobiles however they don’t shield it from flames.¬†At conditions of extreme heat, the properties could deteriorate, and expose your vehicle for further harm.


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Myth 13: Ceramic Coatings Hide Paint Defects

Ceramic coatings could enhance the appearance of your vehicle’s exterior, but they will not cover any flaws in the paint.

Prior to applying a coating of ceramic to the paint of your vehicle it is crucial to eliminate any contaminants or marks on the surface as soon after they begin to appear. If not, the coating that is applied on top of it can actually aggravate the damage instead of concealing their flaws.


Myth 14: Ceramic Coatings Prevent Water Spots

Ceramic coatings could help to reduce the appearance of water spots, but they cannot eliminate them.

Dealing With Water Spots

The formation of water spots is because of the minerals present in water which etch from coatings and paints. To prevent water spots completely make sure you dry your vehicle properly following each wash using a high-quality microfiber towel. You can also employ high-end drying materials like the finest silicone-coated cloth towels that are available.


Myth 15, Ceramic coatings can peel Off easily

A common myth about the ceramic coatings that claim they can easily peel off. The truth is that ceramic coatings are designed to ensure maximum longevity and durability over the long term.

Durability of Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings provide a solid bond to car surfaces which makes it virtually impossible to tear away when applied properly. A poor application may lead to it breaking earlier, but with the proper application, it will last for many years, without peeling off.


The understanding of the various myths about ceramic coatings as well as misconceptions is crucial for owners seeking to make well-informed choices regarding the protection of their vehicle.¬†Ceramic coatings offer a variety of benefits, they aren’t as if they are magic, and shouldn’t be believed to solve the problems with paint protection on their own.¬†A regular schedule of maintenance, a correct application, and reasonable expectations can maximize the benefits of ceramic as well as keep your vehicle beautiful for many years.¬†Understanding all the information can help you achieve top-quality results that will keep your car in good shape over the years.

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