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Best Ceramic Coating Kits in 2024

Ceramic Coating Kits 2024

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At SansStress, our team deeply understands Ceramic Coating. We love to give our customers all the knowledge they need to make an educated decisions; in this guide we will discuss the benefits, application process and the best available ceramic kits options in 2024. which should give you the confidence to make an informed decision. For professional services, visit our ceramic coating service page.


But First, What is a Ceramic Coating Kit?

Ceramic coating kits contain everything you need to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle, such as solution, applicators, microfiber cloths and oftentimes prep solution. Ceramic coating provides durable protection over traditional waxes or sealants.


Key Components of a Ceramic Coating Kit

  • Ceramic Coating Solution: The primary protective agent made up of silica dioxide (SiO2) or graphene.
  • Applicators (sponges or pads) are used to evenly apply the coating,
  • Microfiber Cloths: can buff and polish it for smooth surfaces.
  • Prep Solution: Provides surface preparation by eliminating contaminants and assuring a seamless application process.


Expert Ceramic Coating in Montreal


Now here is the list of some of best ceramic coating kits in 2024:


1. Adam’s UV Graphene Ceramic Coating Kit

Adam’s UV Graphene Ceramic Coating Kit is widely recognized for its durability and ease of use, featuring a UV light to ensure complete coverage and offering up to five years of protection from environmental contaminants with its high gloss finish and hydrophobic properties. Particularly popular among users is its deep shine that creates lasting environmental protection.


2. Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide

Nexgen Ceramic Spray provides quick and easy application. It offers decent protection and shine but requires more frequent reapplication than other options, making it a cost-effective solution that offers good results for daily drivers.


3. 3M 39901 Ceramic Coating

The 3M 39901 professional-grade ceramic coating offers outstanding protection and an eye-catching high gloss finish, at an economical cost. While its application requires careful attention, its results speak for themselves – making this the preferred option among those searching for only the best for their vehicle.


4. Sonax 236941 Ceramic Coating Kit

Sonax’s Ceramic Coating Kit offers comprehensive coverage that protects up to three years, making it easy and cost-effective enough for beginners or advanced users.


5. Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO

Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO offers all the benefits of wax and ceramic coatings combined into one easy application process for maximum shine, protection, and ease of application. However, unlike pure ceramic coatings it typically needs to be reapplied within one year for full effect.


6. Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating

This product uses graphene to provide extended protection, lasting up to 10 years on various surfaces and including ceramic coating liquid, gloves, microfiber towels, crystal plating cloth and sponge for application. Featuring hydrophobic properties and long-term durability.


7. Kamikaze ISM Coat 3.0

from Kamikaze Collection is an easy-to-use single layer coating solution, suitable for most exterior surfaces aside from glass and wheels. With recommended maintenance it will offer 24-36 months of protection while continuing Kamikaze’s legacy for performance and good looks with one simple product.


8. Gyeon Q2 MOHS Evo

This coating offers up to three years of effective use with just one layer, and up to four with two layers and proper maintenance. It boasts incredible chemical resistance, simple application process and outdoor durability – making it a versatile yet long-term option.


Product Description Pros Cons Price
Adam’s UV Graphene Ceramic Coating Kit Includes a UV light for complete coverage. Offers up to five years of protection with a high gloss finish. Durable, high gloss, easy to use Expensive, requires significant prep $125.00
Nexgen Ceramic Spray Silicon Dioxide Quick and easy application. Decent level of protection and shine. Affordable, easy application, good for daily drivers Needs frequent reapplication $34.95
3M 39901 Ceramic Coating Professional-grade with exceptional protection and a high-gloss finish. Superior results, durable, high-gloss finish Expensive, requires careful application $69.99
Sonax 236941 Ceramic Coating Kit Comprehensive kit including base and gloss coats, up to three years of protection. Easy to apply, great price-performance balance Moderate durability $59.99
Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO Combines benefits of wax and ceramic coatings. Easy to apply with brilliant shine. Affordable, good protection, brilliant shine Shorter lifespan compared to pure ceramic coatings $44.95
Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating Uses graphene for extended protection, lasting up to 10 years. Long-lasting, versatile, excellent hydrophobic properties More expensive, significant prep required $89.99
Kamikaze ISM Coat 3.0 Single-layer coating usable on nearly all exterior surfaces. Easy to use, versatile, high-gloss finish Moderate lifespan (24-36 months) $120.00
Gyeon Q2 MOHS Evo Provides up to 3 years of effective life with a single layer, 4 years with two layers. Easy application, extreme chemical resistance, can be applied outdoors High prep required $80.00

Benefits of Ceramic Coating Kits

  • Ceramic coating kits provide several advantages over conventional waxes and sealants, making them an appealing option for car enthusiasts.
  • Ceramic Coatings Provide Long-Lasting Protection Ceramic coatings typically last two to five years with proper care and up to 10 years with premium products.
  • Ceramic coatings offer superior protection from UV rays, chemical contaminants, bird droppings, tree sap and minor scratches. Their hydrophobic surface repels water easily making cleaning the car simpler while decreasing risks associated with water spots.
  • Ceramic coatings offer reduced maintenance thanks to their hydrophobic properties; dirt and grime less likely adhere to surfaces, making cleaning faster and simpler.
  • These coatings add depth and reflectivity to a car’s paint by giving its finish an impressive deep sheen, lasting far longer than traditional wax and maintaining its showroom-quality appearance for years.

If you want to know to know more about the benefits of ceramic coating, read this detailed article: The Comprehensive Benefits of Ceramic Coating.

Surface Preparation is Essential

Applying ceramic coating without surface preparation is like frosting a mud cake, or putting on deodorant without taking a shower, technically you’re just protecting the dirt, swirl marks and minor scratches. also, without adequate surface prep, the coating may fail to bond correctly, decreasing both effectiveness and longevity.

Proper surface preparation is critical to the success of ceramic coatings, requiring thorough cleaning and polishing to remove contaminants, swirl marks and minor scratches from the surface.

Steps for Surface Prep:

  • Washing: Clean the vehicle thoroughly to remove dirt and grime.
  • Claying: Use a clay bar to access embedded contaminants.
  • Polishing: Polish paint to eliminate swirl marks and minor scratches to achieve an ideal finish surface.
    Degreasing: Use a prep solution to effectively eliminate any remaining oils or residues.


Expert Ceramic Coating in Montreal


DIY or Professional Application

Deciding between DIY and professional application depends on a number of considerations, including cost, time, and skill level.

DIY Ceramic Coating Application

Do-It-Yourself ceramic coating kits offer cost-effective and convenient options for car enthusiasts willing to dedicate the time necessary for application. Ranging in price from $80 to $200, these kits include detailed instructions that allow them to deliver professional-level results when followed properly – such as thorough cleaning, polishing, and coating application.

Pros: Cost-Effective, Time Saving and Schedule Flexibility are among the main advantages to considering detailing as a car maintenance solution.

Cons: Requires significant time and prep tools investment, and high margin of error that may not produce professional-quality results.

Professional Ceramic Coating Application

provided by SansStress may come at a higher price point, ranging anywhere from $600 to $1700 depending on the vehicle size and condition. But their benefits are significant; our professionals guarantee high-quality results using specialized tools in controlled environments for long-term protection and aesthetic enhancement of your vehicle.

Pros: Proficient application ensures optimal results, using high-quality products, which have long-term benefits with minimal maintenance costs.

Cons:: These include higher initial costs and needing to schedule and leave your car for an extended period.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of experts possess extensive expertise in applying ceramic coatings. We understand all the complexities involved with the application process to ensure an even, correct application that maximizes both protective and aesthetic benefits of ceramic coatings.

Quality Products

We use only top-of-the-line ceramic coating products on the market. These top-grade coatings boast superior durability, protection, and gloss to help your vehicle look its best for years to come.

Comprehensive Prep and Application

Professional ceramic coating involves meticulous preparation of a vehicle’s surface, such as washing, claying and polishing to eliminate contaminants and imperfections from its paintwork. Our careful application process guarantees maximum protection and longevity from our finish coating solution.

Long-Term Benefits

Ceramic coating services can offer more than immediate protection – it can actually save money down the line by reducing waxing frequency and risk, which are both costly repairs. Ceramic coatings offer long-term assurances of protection, making them a wise investment decision.

For a deeper dive into the myths and facts about ceramic coatings, read our Ceramic Coating Myths, Conspiracy Theories and Myths article.

Common Questions about Ceramic Coating Kits:

How Long Will Ceramic Coating Last?

Ceramic coating longevity depends on both product quality and care, with higher-grade coatings typically lasting two to five years and some offering protection for up to 10 years.

Should the investment in ceramic coating be worth your while?

Ceramic coating can provide long-term protection and reduced maintenance requirements compared to waxing alone, offering greater value in terms of value over time.

How should I care for a ceramic-coated vehicle?

Maintaining a ceramic-coated vehicle requires regular washing with pH-neutral car shampoo and refraining from using abrasive cleaning tools. Applying ceramic coating booster periodically also helps preserve its hydrophobic properties and gloss finish.

Will ceramic coating help prevent scratches?

Ceramic coating offers superior scratch resistance but is still vulnerable to minor scratches and swirl marks, but cannot protect against deep cuts or impacts that might damage it further.

What are the costs associated with professional ceramic coating services?

Cost of professional ceramic coating services depends on several factors related to vehicle size, condition and coating used. At SansStress we offer competitive pricing for high-quality ceramic coating services with long-term benefits for our customers.

Check out our Ceramic Coating vs Wax: The Comprehensive Comparison article.


While DIY ceramic coating kits provide an economical and straightforward option for some, professional services from SansStress ensure the best results. Our expertise, high-grade products, and meticulous application process deliver unparalleled protection and beauty to every vehicle we coat. For more information on our professional services, visit our ceramic coating services page. Reach out now to schedule your consultation and give your ride the ultimate protection it needs!

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